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All To Dominate

Strigampire —  2023 / 1 Tracks / Provocant Media / 02

Lyrically, the album addresses a variety of themes such as personal struggles, global issues like economic inequalities and social injustices. Grief is also a part of the different subjects on the album. Despite this, the majority of the lyrics convey messages of perseverance and courage to keep moving forward despite the difficulties. I strive to write introspective lyrics, expressing emotions such as sadness, frustration, and anger, but also hope and determination. The lyrics invite listeners to reflect on their own lives and take action to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Listeners can expect an album that tackles universal themes.

Musically, we keep a similar recipe to our previous albums while reinventing ourselves a bit. Some songs have a more black metal style, others are more rock-oriented, some are highly aggressive, while others are more melodic and tempered. Although it remains melodic and has nothing to do with mathcore or technical death metal, we showcase everyone’s musical skills through blazing guitar solos and high-energy drumming.

“All To Dominate”
Release Date: 15/12/2023
Label: Provocant Media
1. Liberty
2. Dominate Them All
3. Sold Our Soul
4. In The Maze Of The Lost
5. Where I Belong
6. Basking In Paradise
7. Death Silence
8. The Day I’ll Join You
9. Brave The Tempest
10. TNT (AC/DC Cover) *Only on the digital album
Duration: 47:07

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    01. Flesh Offerings
    Messe Noire

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    02. Blasphemous Devotion
    Messe Noire

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    01. Trépas I

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    01. You Against You

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    02. A Light So Dark

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